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Shop Policy




  • Shop labor rate is $65.00 
  • Parts are charged to the customer at cost to cost plus 15%. The parts cost depends on  whether you are being charged labor to order the parts or not. All parts are rounded up to  the nearest dollar amount. 
  • Sublet items are passed on to the customer at cost to cost plus 15% depending if the  customer is being charged labor to deal with the sublet item. All prices are rounded up to  the nearest dollar amount. 


  • Billing is done on a monthly basis for all labor, parts, taxes and other services rendered Invoices are done on the first work day after the 15th of the month  
  • Photographs are taken to show progress and condition and will be enclosed with invoice I ask that the invoice be paid by the 1st of the following month 
  • Invoices may be paid in any form of US currency including cash, personal check,  certified check or bank transfers as long as fees are not incurred on my end. No Credit  Cards or Crypto currency 
  • Missouri state sales tax, .056225%, on all parts used and installed in the shop as required  by Missouri law, no exceptions without a Missouri form 149 filled out and a copy of a  valid retail resale license to keep on file 


  • If an estimate is required, it will be a high/low figure based on previous cars of similar  style and condition. Expect them to be high enough to cover any possibilities  encountered. 


  • I require all customers to provide me with proof of insurance. It is impossible for me to  insure cars, not owned by me, at current market values. 


  • Roger Gibson Auto Restoration provides top quality restoration service from ground up  restoration to survivor car detailing and repair. Also, detail and repair work the cars we  specialize in. We specialize in early Corvettes up to 1972 and 1966-1971 Dodge &  Plymouth high performance cars. 
  • We will consider any type work on the cars we specialize in, big or small.
  • Normally, there is a (2) year waiting list on big jobs. I do not accept new work farther  out than that. The smaller jobs, those other than major restorations, maybe worked in a  lot quicker. 
  • To consider a job, we require a phone or email contact to start the process.  I offer brokerage service as well as appraisal on vehicles I am knowledgeable on. I offer consultation on auto restoration, purchase related or any auto related subject 


Roger Gibson Auto Restoration became a fulltime business in 1980. I have been in the  same location in Kelso, Missouri, since inception. 

The main focus of my business today is “State of the Art” restoration and repair work.  We mainly work on high performance cars of the 1960’s thru the early 1970’s with  Corvettes, Chevrolets, Dodge and Plymouth being the primary focus. 

In 1995 the restoration business spawned a restoration parts business, Auto Restoration  Parts Supply, that is owned by me and Frank Badalson. We specialize in 1966-1971 Dodge  & Plymouth parts, paints and supplies. We manufacture top quality restoration parts that are  tested and used in our shops on the restorations we perform. We also have a line of  specialties paint products, that were developed in my shop, that are period correct finishes.  This business is located in Richmond Virginia.

— Roger K. Gibson