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Roger Gibson Auto Restoration is a provider for top quality restoration of your high performance automobile. My employees and I strive for excellence in every area of the cars we work on. Most repairs are done in house including body and paint work, motor and transmission rebuild, disassembly and assembly.

The items that are sent out of house are chrome plating, all other types of plating (zinc, phosphate, cadmium, zinc, etc.), carburetor restoration and electric motor restoration. Machine work on engine components is also sent out. Seat belt rewebbing and gauge restoration, body and parts derusting are also sent out. When items are sent out we search out the best possible source for quality repairs.

The body repairs are performed with the finest quality products available. We still do real fabricating, metal and lead work. Most body and metal components are chemically dipped in an alkaline solution for paint and rust removal.

Bare bodies are put on body rotators to perform repairs and to refinish duplicating the factory colors and look. The bodies are assembled and refinished as close to factory procedures as possible. Proper bolts, seam sealers and correct colors of primers are used. The paint on all components is carefully matched to original colors which is important for accuracy.

I work closely with the automotive magazine industry. My restorations get plenty of exposure and are used in the many detail and feature articles that are shot at my facility.

My service is not for everyone. If you are a discriminating collector and expect quality work that is well researched and performed, please consider us. We always have a wait to get into my shop, usually 2 years. I require pictures and documentation to consider a job. When I agree to do your restoration you go on a list that is formed by the postmarked date on the pack of pictures. I do not require money up front to be on the list just a verbal commitment. Please review the policy page for details on charges and billing.